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7 August 11

airplane review - virgin atlantic

Virgin is a brand, it was invented by Richard Branson who is from Great Britain. He is famous for being blonde plus he is a “Sir”. When I was a kid there was a Virgin Megastore in my hometown, so I knew Virgin. Virgin Megastore was the coolest store in the whole city, because it was so big and had so much music and movies, so it was instantly cool. 

Later there were Virgin Airlines, and I knew about it, but I never flew in it until I moved to the States. In the States, Virgin America is a really popular and cool airline. They have TVs in all airplanes and a purple light and sometimes they have a funny quiz and you can win alcohol. They also have Wifi on board, and for a long time it was for free because they just invented it. Also, Virgin America is cheap!

When I wanted to fly back home (story HERE), I saw there was a cheap flight from Virgin Atlantic, which is cool because it was Virgin and Virgin is cool because Virgin America is amazing! This is my review of my flights with Virgin Atlantic. 

The plane I got on was very big and modern, it had like two floors, and every seat had a TV (also in economy!). I had the best seat, I was so lucky. I sat in it. 

The first thing about Virgin Atlantic that is different from Virgin America is the safety video. Virgin America has a safety video that is “funny” and cool, and whenever I watch it, the voice talking reminds me of Richard Branson. Cool! You can see it on youtube HERE.

But Virgin Atlantic has a really ugly and dumb safety video. It looks like it was made on, minus 15 years of technology. You can watch the video on youtube HERE. I was very angry about this video. I hate it!

The next thing that was weird was that they said that they would be serving alcohol, but that you need to remember to drink in moderation because you are flying, and imagine drinking a lot when you fly. They just said that! What if you are an alcoholic and you’re flying Virgin Atlantic. Maybe you would feel very bad about yourself. 

Then they did something else weird! They said that during take-off, you aren’t allowed to wear your blankets on your lap. Imagine flying and not wearing your blankets!!! It’s so cold when you fly, it’s like the coldest thing in the world! I hate the rule, it’s dumb, and I kept my blanket on my lap, but then the flight attendants came and told everyone in person to put the blankets off your lap! They said you can put it on your shoulders or on the floor. Imagine you have your blankets on the floor and then there is an emergency and you trip over a million blankets because they are all on the floor! 

Every airline always tells you to close your seatbelt above the blanket, so they don’t need to wake you up when the seat belt signs go on. But no one ever does it, and no one is ever woken up. Because putting on your seat belt above the blanket is super impractical and stupid. But at Virgin Atlantic they really do wake you up and tell you to put on your seat belt over your blanket. That’s really dumb if you are asleep! 

Then they served dinner, and I think my dinner was something with a meat thingy and vegetables. The meat thingy was the most disgusting thing I ever ate, and I nearly threw up, for real! 

But they had a lot of movies to chose from, and I watched a lot.

On my flight back I chose a seat on the top deck. They have a few seats of economy there, and then some first class seats in the front. The seat I got was in the second row, but the window seats are cool too because they have a part next to them that’s like a shelf (between the chair and the window wall). That’s cool for your handbag or your stuff (except if it rolls back or the person behind you steals it). I liked to sit on the top deck because there are less people and you get food and drinks much faster. There are also less people that go to the bathroom. Also, when you go down, you arrive at a bar thing, and it’s for the business class people, but because you are from upstairs they can’t tell if you are economy or first class, so you can eat their chips and drink their water (maybe also beer?). But you need to pretend you don’t know that it’s for business class only, so you need to be very casual. 

The top floor is also cool because heat rises so it’s less cool and more warm. I only used one blanket and sometimes I put it off!

Then there was food again, and it was better but it was still kind of shit. And when you’re on an airplane you want to eat all the time because there is nothing else to do and you’re hungry a lot. They gave out a lot of snacks, and that was good because usually when I’m on an airplane they make you sleep and don’t bring snacks and I am starving. 

Then the best thing happened. They gave out ice cream! It was so yummy and amazing and cold. Cool! 

Virgin Atlantic had 71 movies to watch on the flight, plus TV shows and documentaries. Cool!

My review is: Virgin Atlantic is not like Virgin America and it feels like it’s not even part of the same group! But it’s cool because you get some extra stuff like snacks and ice cream and lots of movies, but also dumb because they care more about the stupid rules. I think I am going to fly with them again someday. 

In airlines, they get 7 points out of 10! More if they have better dinner.

I drew this airplane but it was ugly.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh