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20 June 10

camping poetry

I wrote THIS review about my camping trip. It was such a nice trip for which I still have to pay (money I mean, because I still owe some money for the car and the camp ground).

I also wrote this poem about the camping, but because I wrote it somewhere else (not my phone, but another phone), I didn’t have it, so I am going to show it to you now. This is it:

Kirk Creek was the place where the magic happened
Where we were, by raccoons, repeatedly threatened
Where the days were bright and the nights so cold
And the dirt on our skin grew disturbingly old

The stone beaches were mostly rocky
The people around us mostly cocky
The ranger was one of the less sweet old men
Who threatened to deport the English girls there and then
But he didn’t

Poison oak was a threat or a myth
Either way it took all our bliss
During our trail that went through nature so wild
During an afternoon so foggy yet mild
Where some of us stayed far behind
Because they had some business time

The End

15 June 10

Nature is so funny
Because it does good and bad things
Like being really pretty
And even romantic
But making you itch

8 June 10

about my trip to camping

I am telling you about my camping trip that was 3 nights last week.

We wanted to leave from San Francisco really early but it got really late, which was okay because I had a bank emergency (I had to deposit money in the ATM and stuff). Then we left around 10:30 and we drove. We stopped at Trader Joe’s in Monterey where we got food. I had the good idea to get marshmallows because in America when you go camping, you make roasted marshmallows. But they didn’t have any so we had to go to a Safeway that was somewhere there too. 

Then much later we came to our camping spot which is in Big Sur and called Kirk Creek. It was a bit full and we didn’t find a good camping spot immediately. But then we took one that was a bit slanted. We were so hungry so we quickly put our tents up and ate a snack, but then the ranger came, because we didn’t pay yet, and the number one rule of the camp ground is to pay within 30 minutes. We were already there for about 40 minutes so he came and asked us for the money (22 dollars per night). Here is a photo of the rule:

Sophie and Zoe, who are girls from England, were scared that the mean ranger would deport them, but the ranger said that they could afford it, so we paid because he was actually right and we didn’t want to be like criminals.

At night we made chicken and then it got dark and the raccoons came and they stole a chicken leg from our trash. The raccoons were staying by the trash area stealing food. They had really shiny eyes, and whenever we put our head lights on them, they shined. Here is a photo of a raccoon. He has a red and a blue eye which is strange:

There were a lot of them and at night we heard them walk around our tent looking for food. But they were actually friendly and not dangerous.

At night we also made marshmallows. We made an American thing called “S’mores”. It’s two crackers with chocolate and a marshmallow between them. I made my own marshmallow and ate my first smore in my life. This is a photo of it. It tasted so good so I made another one:

It was really cold and windy because it was next to a cliff by the sea. This is a photo of our camping area:

Then on the next day we had to get ice, but it was so difficult because the place we went to had no ice. But they had a city hall. This is the City Hall of Big Sur I think:

Janice got tablets for her allergy, because she was being allergic to nature. She slept in the car and we drove to Hearst Castle because it’s so amazing and it was close by. But the day was sold out, so we took a photo from the telescope on the bottom of the hill to Hearst Castle:

We were hungry so we had lunch there too and there were many ravens and a women who thought we were all siblings (we aren’t).

Then we went to the stone beach. We were lying in the sun and walking in the water. It was warm. Then it got foggy and we left.

We went for a hike on a trail with a lot of “poison oak" and really badly kept up, because we had to go through a lot of leaves and branches as we walked. We went far but then we decided to go back. This is a photo from the trail:

Then we had dinner and we slept in our tents on the slanted ground.

The next morning we packed up our camp because we were going to go to the next place to camp. We also wanted to go hiking, but then something happened. We went to the rangers place to get directions to a nice trail with a waterfall, but when we got out of the car, Janice was screaming!! She had a tick on her stomach and she was scared and she pulled it off! If you know about ticks, you know that you should not pull it off but twist it off. But now the tick was off and the body was still inside of Janice on her stomach! We took her to the hospital. You can read about it HERE.

Then we had lunch where we ate sandwiches for 20 dollars. But it tasted good. Then we went to a beach with purple sand. It was so pretty but windy and in the end we were so full of sand (and we hadn’t showered in 2 days). This was the beach:

Here I am making a thumbs up sign because the sand is purple!!!!

Jason and I built this:

Then we drove to the second camp place. We were excited because it has showers. It was called “Arroyo Seco”. We drove there for so many hours, because we had to go around the mountains. There was also a lot of traffic. 

The new camp ground had such a nice camp lady and it was more wood style. It was hotter and dryer. There were also more insects and especially mosquitoes. We got a lot of bites that night, but we also got to take a shower. It was so quiet because no one was there, but the insects and birds were very loud. 

The next morning I washed my hair. It felt nice. Then we went for a hike, but it was really dangerous because it was a long walk to the river, but we had no water!!!! I said we shouldn’t do it because it was so hot and it is so important to drink a lot of water if it’s so hot and you walk. But they said we have to do it, so they forced me to do it. It was really hot and after we got to the river the river was really cold. But we went inside and we swam on tubes and it was beautiful. When we went back I was dying, because I was undereaten. I didn’t eat enough breakfast and drink enough water, so I was probably going to die. But I was concentrating a lot and didn’t die. This is a photo of the area:

And this is a photo of a mouse that we found on the trail. It was probably dead because it didn’t have enough food and water when it was hiking to the river:

Later I ate M&Ms and drank yellow water and felt better. We also hat lunch and then went to drive home. 

That was my first camping trip in nature. I am still finishing a poem about it, I’ll show you soon.

5 June 10

an ode to a tick

I invented this poem about my camping trip. It all really happened. I dedicate this poem to Janice. She had a tick and was scared so she pulled it off. The head of the tick stayed inside of her and no one could get it out. We took her to the hospital of Big Sur where the doctor wanted to cut it out. But then it came out just like that (read about it in the poem).

Janice got bitten by a tick
And was so worried she’d grow sick
She got treated by the hunchback
Who just came from her lunch break
Right around quarter to eleven
Since she had been working since half past seven
And promised her kitty in heaven
To help the girl with the tick

Janice got rid of her tick
With some ointment on a stick
That made the tweezers slick
In the doctors really skilled hand

Janice paid for her tick
With a wad of money so thick
That she wished to the kitty in heaven
That at that moment at half to eleven
She hadn’t pulled off that tick

Posted: 8:09 AM

I was camping for a long time this week and invented this quote about nature:

When nature gives you insects, put poison on them

2 June 10
I am camping

I am camping

31 May 10

i have so many plans

I am so excited because I am going camping tomorrow for three nights in Big Sur or somewhere. It will be so good. I am also sad, because I don’t know if there is 3G service there, so maybe I can’t update my blog (!!!) so I am going to make a “queue” of posts that publish at a time I say. It will be like I just published them, but actually I didn’t. They publish themselves.

Also, I am going to go to Hawaii (!!!) on June 9th. It will be so great. I am going for holidays. I am so excited. I have never been to Hawaii before. I will be at the southern most tip of the United States ever on Thursday the 10th. I will take a lot of photos. I am going to ride a horse and look at a volcano.

Also: I hope you have a good memorial day (it’s a holiday in the USA). It’s a day where you remember people in troops who died. Please memorize them with us today.

Also: I have 220 posts on my blog (this is 221). I am so happy. I hope you like my website, please tell me if you like my website or something. 

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh