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21 December 12


8 December 12
Queen Elizabeth I, Christmas edition

Queen Elizabeth I, Christmas edition

6 July 10
22 June 10

part three of review of big island

This is part number 3 of the review I am doing about Big Island!

After we ate our lunch, we felt like we had so much more energy again, so we went back inside the park. We wanted to stop at the underground lava tunnel, but there was no parking so we drove on and we decided to come back there later. We drove a long way. All the time we passed craters of lava, and landscapes of old lava. They had signs next to them about the date of the lava flow. We passed one, and it looked like it was kind of recent, but it was hard. It was really hot, so I think maybe it was still hot from the lava, but the sun was also shining so it may have been so hot from the sun. This is what it looked like. It looked so new because it was shiny:

You could hike over the old lava, but we didn’t do that because it seemed boring because basically it was just old lava all the time. We wanted to see more cool stuff.

We drove on, and then we came to the end of the road. It said on the map that the road was closed from then on because of “recent lava flows”. It was right by the sea. We parked and we were so happy to find toilets there! They were the kind of toilets that just had a really big whole in the ground and you could see everything inside. I always hate those toilets because the thought is so disgusting, but actually they never smell bad or anything (even though you can see poop). I don’t know how that works. 

There was a long way to walk, but there was a sign about how dangerous it is. But we weren’t scared, so we walked on. It was hot but nice.

There were lots of people walking on, but we saw some palm trees and they were just a few and so random, and it looked so nice, so we went there. It was really nice. Some of the trees had fallen over, like after a storm, but it was probably because of something about the volcano.

Then we decided to go back to the lava tunnel. Later I thought about this, and I think it might have been a bad idea because if we went on we would have seen the newest lava. But there was no flowing lava anywhere while we were there (I asked a volcano park person). But I still wish we had walked on!

When we got to the tunnel we found parking. We were so excited to go inside! It was like a real tunnel that was made because hot lava went through it. It looked so beautiful. They had lights inside, but then there was a gate and they had a sign that said you can only go on if you have a flashlight. We had two flashlights because we were prepared for this, they call it the “dark side”. We went all the way to the end and turned off our flashlights. It was so dark. I never saw so much darkness before. But it was not scary, it was so calm and nice. Then other people came and we hid behind a stone wall and turned off our lights and scared them! They were so scared. Then we left and we scared them again! They were still scared but less. Then they scared someone else together with us. Then we left.

This was the entrance to the tunnel with the lights:

This was inside the “dark side” of the tunnel where I used the flashlight to take the photos:

This is the exit from the “dark side”:

After this we drove on to the other side of the park. A lot of the park was closed because of the fumes (we would die if we breathed them), so we went to the last open part. It was the same thing as the first part we saw (the volcano fart kind of thing). There was a small “volcano museum” inside, and we looked at it. They also had a shop. We asked about seeing flowing lava, and the woman said we can’t see that, but we can see the smoke turn red when it gets dark (from fire stuff inside the volcano). It was still light, so we had to wait two hours! We weren’t sure if to stay for it or not. We decided to stay. We didn’t know what to do so we discussed it for a long time and drove around. After half an hour we went back to the Lava Rock Cafe (I wrote about this in the part 2 of the review), and ate something. We ate really slow because we had so much time. Then we drove back to the volcano really slow. We waited in the car a bit because it was warmer, then we went outside to see the red volcano fire. This is what it looked like:

Then we quickly left because it was cold and we still had to drive to Hilo.

We drove to Hilo in the rain. It was also misty. But it wasn’t very far to get to Hilo. We got to our hotel, the “Hilo Seaside Hotel" (it was the same series as the one we had in Kona but we didn’t even notice it when we booked it, we just thought they don’t have very original names for hotels on Big Island) and there we started to hear such a loud sound! It was frogs!!! They were so loud! It sounded like we are in a jungle!

Our room was a little bit more disgusting than the one in Kona, and the hotel was so loud, and the frogs were loud too (but in a nice way), but we were sleepy and slept well.

This is the end of review part three! Next review I will tell you what happened next.

21 June 10

big island review - number two

This is more review of being on Big Island. 

After the Black Sand Beach we went into our car again. We had to drive to our next hotel which was in “Volcano”. Not inside of a volcano, but the town is called Volcano because it is next to the big volcano national park (the name is not so creative I think). It was a nice drive there, but it got really cloudy and then the windshield was getting wet. But our roof was open, and it wasn’t raining. But it was cold so we put on the roof. I think we were driving through a lot of clouds that made the car wet. This is what it looked like:

Volcano is further up and inside the island, so it was really cloudy and much colder. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast which was so nice. We stayed in the “Pele Suit”. It was nice. The best thing was that the mattresses had this thing inside you could turn on, called “Sunbeam”, and you could turn it on to heat your bed. It felt nice because it was actually kind of cold there, but with the Sunbeam it was warm. 

This is the Breakfast Room of the place. It was sweet:

Then we were hungry so we wanted to eat. Volcano is a very small town, and basically it has just one road, and everything is on that road. So we drove down the road and we saw a restaurant, but they weren’t open yet, so we went to another one called “Lava Rock Cafe”, kind of like Hard Rock Cafe, but with Lava because it’s in Volcano. They don’t have a website. 

I ordered a Loco Moco because that’s a famous dish in Hawaii and my brother told me I should order it. I was hungry, and then my Loco Moco came. This was it:

It is a hamburger patty with an egg on top, on white rice and gravy on it. I ate it. I don’t know if it was on purpose or a mistake, but there was no salt in it, and it tasted like nothing. It wasn’t very good, but I don’t know if it’s because I don’t like Loco Moco or because they don’t do it well in the Lava Rock Cafe. Maybe they don’t put salt on it because they want to be healthy. But it is a hamburger patty in gravy, so I don’t know if it helps to use no salt. Probably not. 

After we ate it was too early to go to bed but too late to go to the volcano park. We asked the waitress at the Lava Rock Cafe what we can do. She said there is nothing to do in Volcano, but there is a bowling lane. So we decided to go there. The bowling lane is inside the “Volcanoes National Park”. You have to pay 10 dollars per car to go inside, but that was okay because we had only one car and the entrance is valid for 7 days and we had a plan to go in the next day anyway. 

It was hard to find the bowling place. It is in the area where there are some houses (after the visitor center and the steam vents, on the right). But we found it. We played bowling and I won!!!! I have never won in bowling before, because I’m actually a really bad bowler. But I was so good, that I won the whole round! Here is a photo of my scores (I am the toppest row):

Next to us were some small kids bowling. They were so small, one of them was like 3 or something, but they were carrying their bowling balls and they put them on a rack where they pushed them down. They were really good at it! The bowling cost us $15.

Then in the room next door they had so many video games, like an arcade in Italy! My friends played a game of shooting people, like some kind of war game, and I played a game of shooting as a Sheriff/Cowboy, but somehow I didn’t know how to use it, or it was broken, because I kept shooting but it didn’t work. But I had about 5 rounds, but I lost each of them with zero points. It was such a stupid game, I was so upset! I played the war shooting game too later, and it was much better.

Then I played some table tennis but I wasn’t very good, so a little boy came and he told me that he wants to play instead of me (with my friend) because he is waiting for his cousin to come and he is a better player (he wasn’t really). So I played a fighting game, I think it was Tekken. I like that game a lot but I wasn’t very good at it either because I was used to playing it on the Playstation (the old gray one).

Then two men came to us and they said there is a free game of air hockey, and no one is there. So we went, and there really was a free game, just like that! In fact, there was another free game after that too! I am good at air hockey and I beat my friends all the time. 

It was kind of late then and we were so sleepy! We went home to go to bed so we would wake up early again to go to the Volcanoes Park.

The first thing we saw at the volcano place was a big crater, and on the far side there was an opening with smoke coming out. I think that was the volcano opening. It looked like a volcano fart:

Then we went to another crater. You could hike around it, but it would take two hours (we heard a guide say that in the visitor center) so we didn’t want to do that. But then we walked on and on, and we decided to just do the whole walk! First it went through a forest and it was so nice, then it went inside the crater!!!!

This is the view of the crater from above:

This was inside the forest:

This was when we got into the crater:

This is also inside the crater:

This was at the end of the crater before we had to walk up a long way of forest again to get back to our car:

It was such a nice walk, but the last part of going up in the forest was so bad, because we are all not so fit and were out of breath fast. When we got to the car, we were so tired. We left the park and went to eat in the restaurant where we wanted to eat the day before, but had been closed. I had a sandwich with Mahi Mahi. 

This was the end of the review number two!! More soon.

9 June 10

I’m in Hawaii now guys, on Big Island. Kona is a really boring town but we are only here one night and they have a Target.

We have such a nice rental car that is a Jeep. It is red. It costs only 11 dollars per day. I am the only one driving it and I love it a lot. I can’t wait to buy my own Jeep. Our Jeep is so nice, in the night it changes color. It’s like brown. We thought our Jeep is stolen but it just turned brown.

Tomorrow we are going to the South Point, to the beach and the black and white sand. And the Volcano area. It will be so much fun I think.

I wrote this poem about my flight on the airplane. Me and my friends didn’t get a seat together which was stupid. This is what happened on my flight when I was sitting alone without my friends. It’s all true!!!!

I’m on the plane in the last row
Best seat for the airplane show
I have the middle seat
Not much space to put my feet
Because the chinese lady to my right
Is wearing shoes by coach
And I rather not get them dirty

"Do you want a sandwich?"
She says it so friendly and I say yes
Getting myself into financial mess
Because the cracker costs seven dollars
And I don’t want to pay that much
So I rather stay hungry
While she looks at me funny
Judging me skeptic
Concluding: anorexic

Blood is in the bathroom
A lady cleans it and I can’t go soon
I find that rather irritating
Because my bladder is slightly penetrating
My impulse to pee
How much longer can this be?

The lady to my right whips out her take away
Making me wish she had eaten it to stay
Secretly hoping she’ll leave it out of sight
Because I really want a bite
But I stay hungry and uncomfortable
Because it smells of Chinese food

The lady with the water
Fills me up my bottle
After I ask her for two glasses
To which she politely passes
I sit in my seat quietly
While people sleep next to me
And I can’t stand back up to pee

The man to my left has such a loud ipod
Turned on shuffling mode
I hear a variety of mixes
Hoping desperately that he fixes
The sound that is on too loud
Right next to my ear

Everyone is so tanned here
I am the least tanned person here
I feel so racially insignificant
The pale male two rows before me is heaven sent
Because we bond as we look at each other
And immediately define one another
As allies on this flight
Because we are the whitest people here
And ready for a racial fight

13 April 10
I went to Hollywood. I met my best friend Gille Klabin, who is also a famous director and Jew from London, and we went to the Griffith Park observatory and did a hike. We took this photo. Look at Gille’s website here:

I went to Hollywood. I met my best friend Gille Klabin, who is also a famous director and Jew from London, and we went to the Griffith Park observatory and did a hike. We took this photo. Look at Gille’s website here:

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh