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11 April 11

Anonymous said: Have you ever though that vegetarians are dumb because animals hide in caves, which are kind of like mouths so they obvious would like to be eaten.

Hi, thank you for asking me this question. It’s interesting.

You ask it like a question, but wrote it like a statement, so I think you feel very strong about this. So I am going to tell you how I feel.

I never thought that vegetarians are dumb because of animals hiding in caves. Also, I never thought that caves are like mouths. Basically, if you are a person who eats meat, you have teeth in your mouth. Have you ever tried to eat meat without teeth? It’s like impossible!! If your mouth had no teeth, the meat would get stuck in your throat and you would die. Also, you will get a stomach ache. 

If an animal hides in a cave, the cave doesn’t have teeth so it doesn’t eat them. They can walk inside the cave and then outside the cave whenever they want to. And they do that all the time. If you put an animal in front of a cave that will eat them, they won’t go inside because they try not to be eaten. If an animal wants to be eaten, he would walk into your mouth instead of running away to hide in a cave. Have you ever had an animal walk into your mouth? No, because for animals their life is all about trying to not be eaten.

But I think vegetarians are dumb because they don’t eat meat. And meat is delicious! 

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh