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Hi guyz,

I'm a cyber artist and this is my blog. You can look at my blog and see my drawings if you like art. If you are very romantic, you can look at my poems. If you want to know if you like something, you can read my reviews.

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4 May 10

hire me

I am a student and I need a lot of money to buy things I don’t need. So I am letting you know what job positions I am going to do for you if you hire me:

1) Secret Emails: I can invent secret names for emails, so that someone who is a celebrity can have an email address that no one will think belongs to them, because it is invented. This is an example: 

If I was really bad at inventing them, Leonardo DiCaprio would have this email: “” or “”. Everyone would know them, because they are the two first email addresses you would think about if you would invent an email address for Leonardo DiCaprio. They are references to two of his famous movies. I could invent this one: “”, because no one would ever call Leonardo not handsome, so it would be a secret. Only people who know him would know the email address, which is good if you are a famous celebrity. 

PS: it is not his real email address. 

2) Translating Time: A lot of businesses in the United States know businesses in Europe with people they need to communicate with. There are always two really big problems: one is that if it is morning in the USA, it is night in Europe. You need to know a good time to call Europe so you don’t wake them up. I have a new watch, and one on my phone, so I can have two time zones, and always tell you which one it is. I know all time zones in Europe by heart! 

Also: in Europe they use “24HR” time format. That’s when the clock goes to 12PM and then to 13PM instead of 1PM. Then at midnight it is 24PM or 00AM. A lot of people in the United States don’t know that, and when they read George Orwell’s “1984”, they think that something is weird when he wrote “the clocks were striking thirteen”. It actually just means it is “1PM” in Europe. I know all the times of the 24HR mode, so I can always tell you what time it is in Europe when someone says it is 17PM - it is actually 5PM.

3) Ginger Face: Everyone likes sushi a lot. It is a famous dish in everywhere, but not really so famous in Japan (I know because I’ve been). But a lot of people don’t like to eat the ginger that comes with your sushi. Usually you need to tell the people in the sushi restaurant that you don’t want any ginger (because it is a standard to get the ginger with your sushi), but sometimes you forget or you are busy and talking to someone and can’t talk to the waiter that much or maybe you are a famous person that doesn’t talk to people that are waiters, and just points at the menu you want.

If I am there, I can eat your ginger. I used to not like ginger because it tastes the way that perfume smells, but now I am more mature and I like ginger so much, I eat it all the time if I can. I always eat my friends ginger and then I ask for more. So if you want, I can always eat your ginger on your sushi. 

If you want to hire me, write me here:

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh