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7 August 11

airplane review - virgin atlantic

Virgin is a brand, it was invented by Richard Branson who is from Great Britain. He is famous for being blonde plus he is a “Sir”. When I was a kid there was a Virgin Megastore in my hometown, so I knew Virgin. Virgin Megastore was the coolest store in the whole city, because it was so big and had so much music and movies, so it was instantly cool. 

Later there were Virgin Airlines, and I knew about it, but I never flew in it until I moved to the States. In the States, Virgin America is a really popular and cool airline. They have TVs in all airplanes and a purple light and sometimes they have a funny quiz and you can win alcohol. They also have Wifi on board, and for a long time it was for free because they just invented it. Also, Virgin America is cheap!

When I wanted to fly back home (story HERE), I saw there was a cheap flight from Virgin Atlantic, which is cool because it was Virgin and Virgin is cool because Virgin America is amazing! This is my review of my flights with Virgin Atlantic. 

The plane I got on was very big and modern, it had like two floors, and every seat had a TV (also in economy!). I had the best seat, I was so lucky. I sat in it. 

The first thing about Virgin Atlantic that is different from Virgin America is the safety video. Virgin America has a safety video that is “funny” and cool, and whenever I watch it, the voice talking reminds me of Richard Branson. Cool! You can see it on youtube HERE.

But Virgin Atlantic has a really ugly and dumb safety video. It looks like it was made on, minus 15 years of technology. You can watch the video on youtube HERE. I was very angry about this video. I hate it!

The next thing that was weird was that they said that they would be serving alcohol, but that you need to remember to drink in moderation because you are flying, and imagine drinking a lot when you fly. They just said that! What if you are an alcoholic and you’re flying Virgin Atlantic. Maybe you would feel very bad about yourself. 

Then they did something else weird! They said that during take-off, you aren’t allowed to wear your blankets on your lap. Imagine flying and not wearing your blankets!!! It’s so cold when you fly, it’s like the coldest thing in the world! I hate the rule, it’s dumb, and I kept my blanket on my lap, but then the flight attendants came and told everyone in person to put the blankets off your lap! They said you can put it on your shoulders or on the floor. Imagine you have your blankets on the floor and then there is an emergency and you trip over a million blankets because they are all on the floor! 

Every airline always tells you to close your seatbelt above the blanket, so they don’t need to wake you up when the seat belt signs go on. But no one ever does it, and no one is ever woken up. Because putting on your seat belt above the blanket is super impractical and stupid. But at Virgin Atlantic they really do wake you up and tell you to put on your seat belt over your blanket. That’s really dumb if you are asleep! 

Then they served dinner, and I think my dinner was something with a meat thingy and vegetables. The meat thingy was the most disgusting thing I ever ate, and I nearly threw up, for real! 

But they had a lot of movies to chose from, and I watched a lot.

On my flight back I chose a seat on the top deck. They have a few seats of economy there, and then some first class seats in the front. The seat I got was in the second row, but the window seats are cool too because they have a part next to them that’s like a shelf (between the chair and the window wall). That’s cool for your handbag or your stuff (except if it rolls back or the person behind you steals it). I liked to sit on the top deck because there are less people and you get food and drinks much faster. There are also less people that go to the bathroom. Also, when you go down, you arrive at a bar thing, and it’s for the business class people, but because you are from upstairs they can’t tell if you are economy or first class, so you can eat their chips and drink their water (maybe also beer?). But you need to pretend you don’t know that it’s for business class only, so you need to be very casual. 

The top floor is also cool because heat rises so it’s less cool and more warm. I only used one blanket and sometimes I put it off!

Then there was food again, and it was better but it was still kind of shit. And when you’re on an airplane you want to eat all the time because there is nothing else to do and you’re hungry a lot. They gave out a lot of snacks, and that was good because usually when I’m on an airplane they make you sleep and don’t bring snacks and I am starving. 

Then the best thing happened. They gave out ice cream! It was so yummy and amazing and cold. Cool! 

Virgin Atlantic had 71 movies to watch on the flight, plus TV shows and documentaries. Cool!

My review is: Virgin Atlantic is not like Virgin America and it feels like it’s not even part of the same group! But it’s cool because you get some extra stuff like snacks and ice cream and lots of movies, but also dumb because they care more about the stupid rules. I think I am going to fly with them again someday. 

In airlines, they get 7 points out of 10! More if they have better dinner.

I drew this airplane but it was ugly.

2 May 10
I had this ice cream yesterday with my good friend in the Castro. It was two nut flavors and one banana flavor. It’s like an ice cream penis but better.

I had this ice cream yesterday with my good friend in the Castro. It was two nut flavors and one banana flavor. It’s like an ice cream penis but better.

29 April 10

tuesday in review now

I told you a story about Monday with my friend Markus. Tuesday was next. This is what happened mostly:

We got up early at 8:30 AM because this was Markus’ last day and we still had a lot of things to see. We had breakfast where we ate frosted flakes which is my speciality because I’m really good at it. I did research and jotted down our days travel route from Google Maps. They can tell you how to get placed with public transit. They also show you car routes and walking, and new now (in San Francisco) - cycling. 

We went to the 38 bus. There was a man on the street with a big refrigerator and he gave us each a free coffee from Seattle’s Best. Markus opened his, and I didn’t open mine yet. I tasted his, and we didn’t like it much. This is what it looked like:

I made a “thumb’s up” for irony. It really wasn’t that good. I found a box of white tick-tacks behind my bus chair, and we left my coffee there too, so someone could have it. It is a breakfast for winners. Something is next to it, it could be mucus or spit. 

It was a rainy day. A lot of adventures happen on the Muni in San Francisco. It is similar to the “U6” underground and the “9” Tram in Vienna. Just that it is everywhere and not just on one line. 

The bus stopped, and people got on, but no one was getting off. The back doors only open when someone pushes them or steps down. This way, people have to go inside in the front where they have to have a ticket or buy one (or a 3-day Muni pass). But it was raining and a lot of people wanted to come in, many of which had to buy a ticket (there is a machine in the front). So there was a bit of a line, but not much. This is what the door in the back looks like:

One of the women, she looked very angry, didn’t want to wait in the line, she wanted to come inside the back. But because the door wasn’t open, she couldn’t. So she put her hand inside the black rubber thing on the door and tried to push open the door. It was funny because it looked like from a zombie movie, where the zombies are trying to get into the bus and eat all the people. She ended up not getting inside the back and she went in the front. She was not a zombie, and everything was fine. Markus was a little worried and scared.

Next we took the 28 bus, and we went to the Golden Gate Bridge parking lot. It had stopped raining but the bridge was covered in a lot of fog and clouds. We were dressed up warmly so we weren’t too cold. We took a lot of photos and then we went down the bridge. 

Markus took a lot of analogue photos. I took a lot of mobile photos. We walked along the bridge and there were lots of cars rushing by. It was a bit scary, but we were on the pedestrian part, so it was okay. But then we walked on and a car came on our way too! It was coming towards us.

I took this photo in the face of danger. They were actually very nice and waved at us. They didn’t want to drive onto us.

We went forward until the part of the first big thing is because we wanted to take a photo underneath it. There, suddenly, the wind began to go crazy, and it got super windy. It was nuts but also kind of cool. We did some cool stunts in the wind.

We got back on the 28 and then the 71 to go to Haight Street, which is in the district “Haight-Ashbury”. On the bus was a man with a nice hat. It was stylish and it was made from plastic so it can get wet in the rain but still look good and keep your head dry. This is it (famous Michael Jackson quote):

Haight is a famous hippie street in San Francisco. It is where the “Summer of Love” took place during the “San Francisco Renaissance”. A lot of people spent a lot of time on the streets on a lot of drugs and talked a lot about love and peace. Today still a lot of people come here to see the “legend”. A lot of young people also come here to be on drugs and to look for them or to experience something that the people during the “Summer of Love” used to experience. But today there is not so much love and it is not that cool anymore. But it is an interesting place to go and look at shops. There are a lot of second hand clothing stores and crazy stores too. There are “smoke shops” and a lot of places with Himalayan things.

There is also one famous record and music store. It is called “Amoeba Music”. It is huge and there is a lot of music inside. This is what it looks like:

I lost Markus once, and I couldn’t find him anywhere. But then I found him somewhere behind some records. He bought some. I found a cool record from a band called “Let’s Wrestle”. I haven’t decided yet if I like them, but their album cover was nice. I like their drawings. I want to draw like that. I think I like their music too. It seems nice.

We walked on. One guy on the street was black and he offered us drugs, but he was rude and just walked away. It’s okay, because we really didn’t want any street narcotics, but I don’t like it when people are rude. 

We passed a lot of shops. This is a pair of socks we saw. I think I will go back and buy them.

Then I bought a cool t-shirt that is green and has a robot on it. It says: “Will dance for love”. I thought that’s pretty funny. It’s a very popular shop called “Loyal Army" and they have a lot of t-shirts with fun prints. One said "I love gangster wrap", and it had a burrito on it. It’s a pun.

We finished Haight Street and saw a bunch of shops and ate a sandwich. Then we walked on and caught a bus, I think it was the 24. We took it to Castro and Market. There we went to an ice cream shop next to the Castro theater called “Gelateria Naia”. I’ve been there once before with my friend Nina and her roommate Vanessa, and it was really good. They have a lot of flavors, and when you come, a nice man or a nice lady come out and they let you try every flavor. Also if you don’t even ask for it, they’ll give you a flavor that they think you might like. And sometimes you do, and sometimes you don’t. I taste so many flavors that in the end I am always full, but then I feel forced to buy one anyway because they are so nice. I think that might be their marketing strategy. I still like it though. I think I would recommend pistachio, because that is my favorite flavor and I always take it. I forgot about all the other ones. Markus had strawberry cheesecake which was also good. We ate it fast so we could walk on, but we didn’t get a brain freeze.

We walked some more, and we came to the “gayest corner” in da whole world!!! I don’t know why, but that is what Markus’ tourist book said. They wrote that it is known as that. Anyway, we were there and saw nothing. I didn’t feel gay. I can’t talk for Markus but he didn’t seem very gay either. But this is a poster we saw:

We had to slowly head back towards downtown so that Markus could go to the airport later. So we walked. We came to Dolores Park. That’s a pretty popular park in San Francisco because it is in a hip area and has palm trees and a beautiful city view. It was a rainy and cold day, and the park was empty. There was a woman with 2 dogs, some teenagers who just came out of school, a bum, and two people smoking drugs. This is a photo I took there:

It was beautiful. We took the J line to Market and then the F line to Powell station. We went to look at books in Borders. I didn’t find the books I was looking for again, but I nearly got a book called “Geek Love”, because it was staff recommended and sounded fun. But then I got turned off because it was written by a woman and it is about girls. I don’t do it on purpose, but I enjoy books less if they are written by a woman or about one. Except Isabel Allende, because I love her. But I found this book that looks great. It is by a woman:

We got home and were very tired. We went on the internet for a while and looked at music videos of famous people. I had seen a band in “Elbo Room” once called “Strange Boys”, who I was in love with for one night and one morning. We found out that Markus had a track by them in his music collection. Then we found out that the other band, which was called “Chain and the Gang”, is famous because the lead singer is Ian Svenonious, who is known for his band “The Nation of Ulysses” and “The Make-Up”. Markus was a big fan of them, so it was pretty cool that I saw his new band. 

Then Markus left to the airport, and I was home alone. I wrote the Monday blog then. 

That was what happened on Tuesday when Markus came to visit.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh