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21 May 10

poem or song about being long friends

I will never forget

How we once met

I say that without threat

Leaving my eyes teary wet


Our friendship went so far

Like the distance to the most distant star

Like the traveling of Bob Dylan’s guitar

It left so many feelings ajar


You mock me in the sweetest tone

Never leave my flaws alone

Because to loneliness I am prone

You lift me high up on a throne

Help me get back in the zone

With a mere typo on the phone

I dedicate this poem to someone who has a friend with a really long friendship like to a distant star and who mocks you lovingly. I dedicate this poem to Gille Klabin, who I met 20 years ago and is my close friend and who is in Cannes where he is selling a movie to become a good director and movie person.  

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh