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27 November 12

The best poem I ever heard
Was a poem about a bird
It was the best poem, or second or third 
Oh this poem, I couldn’t resist
Oh this poem, it doesn’t exist! 

1 June 10

on the street - a poem

Potato chips are on the floor
Where someone dropped them once
They won’t be there for too much more
Because a homeless person will eat them

Or a dog

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21 May 10

poem or song about being long friends

I will never forget

How we once met

I say that without threat

Leaving my eyes teary wet


Our friendship went so far

Like the distance to the most distant star

Like the traveling of Bob Dylan’s guitar

It left so many feelings ajar


You mock me in the sweetest tone

Never leave my flaws alone

Because to loneliness I am prone

You lift me high up on a throne

Help me get back in the zone

With a mere typo on the phone

I dedicate this poem to someone who has a friend with a really long friendship like to a distant star and who mocks you lovingly. I dedicate this poem to Gille Klabin, who I met 20 years ago and is my close friend and who is in Cannes where he is selling a movie to become a good director and movie person.  

1 May 10

"do it yourself" - a series

This is a new series in my blog. I explain how to do something that I am good at so you can do it good too. I like to contribute in making people a better person by helping them learn something.

This time I am going to tell you how to write a poem.

Poetry is really deep and meaningful. If you write a poem, it usually means something. The first step to writing a good poem is thinking of what you want to say. This could be something personal, or also something really general. 

Here are some things you could write about in your poem: love, faith, happiness, despair, heartache, someone you like, someone you don’t like, something you believe in, something that happened, a dream, a boy, a girl, a sunset. There are a lot of others, but these are the main ones.

If you know what you want to write about, you can start. Write one sentence that you like. Look at it again and see if it is okay. Then you can start turning it into a poem. You can start a new line when you feel you want to emphasize something. Here is an example:

Maybe you want to write about your day at the beach. What you want to say is that you had a great time but now you have a lot of sand in your hair. You can use a lot of sophisticated words to make it sound nicer. This is how you can start:

Sand flies through my hair and it sticks everywhere.

I really like this sentence, and it even rhymes already! So I can turn it into a poem now. I will probably want to emphasize “hair” and “everywhere”, because that is how poems usually work. So this is what it will look like:

Sand flies through my hair
and it sticks everywhere.

This looks nice, but we can make it more sophisticated now. Try adding a word. Maybe something descriptive. I am going to think about being on the beach and sand flying onto me. It hits me and it hurts, because the wind is strong and sand is basically tiny shells. So maybe I can say that. This is what it could look like:

Sand flies through my hair
and hits my face.
It sticks everywhere-
all over the place.

Now it is already longer and pretty nice. You can do that some more or you can keep it short. Both is nice. It depends on what you like.

Basically you are going to write a story and you make a lot of paragraphs of it and then you make it rhyme. But there are also a lot of famous poems that don’t rhyme. It is less fun to read sometimes, but it can still be a nice poem. If you want your poem to rhyme, you can use this website, it’s pretty good:

You can also make a poem that is very abstract like mine. But usually you need to be a really good poet to make that work.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh