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23 September 10

I’m not chicken, you’re a turkey! BAMMMM take that!
Proof that drug dealers are dorks. 

20 June 10
FASHION is so important, guyz.

FASHION is so important, guyz.

19 June 10

travel review of big island - part one

This is a review about Big Island which is an island in Hawaii. It is actually called “Island of Hawai’i” but someone gave it the nickname “Big Island” because it is the biggest island in Hawaii, and if someone would say “I went to the Island of Hawai’i”, people would say: “Oh wow, Hawaii, which island?”. So “Big Island” is more convenient to say.

Big Island has two big airports, one is in Kona which is in the West and one in Hilo which is in the East. It is cheaper to fly to Kona I think. You should try and check both before you fly. We also rented a car online with Expedia, but I didn’t print the “vouchers” which made us have to pay again for something we already paid for (but later I found the vouchers online and we didn’t have to pay it again). You need to bring your vouchers because the car rental agency won’t know that you already paid the car insurance, because I think Expedia doesn’t communicate with them at all, it’s a really stupid system.

We landed in Kona and it was so hot and humid. We got our car and we went to our Hotel. It was the “Kona Seaside Hotel”. It was okay. It was not so nice inside because the stuff on the bed was kind of ugly, but it was very clean and okay. It also had a nice location that was close to a lot of things.

This is the car we got. It is a “Jeep Wrangler Unlimited”. It is red and you can take off the front of the roof, which we did mostly. It has 4-wheel drive which is important if you go to Big Island, because you need it a lot to go to nice places. It was 10.99 dollars per day which is a really good price for a good car.

On this picture above, we went to the beach to have lunch. I turned off the car but I came out and the lights were still on, so I went inside again to see if I forgot to turn them off (I didn’t, because it is just a good system where the lights stay on longer after you leave, because it you are in the dark it’s practical). But then if you look closely, I forgot the key in the door!!! After lunch we came back and the key was still in the door!! I was so happy, because I heard a lot about people breaking into cars there, but we were so lucky that no one stole our car.

We went into the town and looked at all the shops for tourists, the pier, the church, the nice house which is a museum and we also had ice cream. After that we had seen everything, and we didn’t know what to do. We had a good guide book and we looked inside it. We decided to go to K-Mart and buy water there. We bought water that comes from deep inside the sea of Hawaii, but it tasted like normal water (they took the salt out). Then we finished K-Mart and looked at Macy’s. Then we finished Macy’s and went to Target. Target was so much fun, because it was like a cool place in Kailua-Kona to hang out at (many people were parked there). These are some photos:

These are some cars they have in Target for people who don’t want to walk so much (it’s a really big store!!):

This is Spongebob!

This is a signal we invented to say “Target” (it’s a “T”):

After we finished Target we went to Petco and to OfficeMax but they were a bit boring and then we went to have Sushi for dinner. Then when we came out, it was dark and most of the cars where gone. We went to go into our car, but our car was gone too!!!! We looked everywhere, but none of the cars there was our car, so someone had stolen it! There were teenagers next to us getting into a car and I was sure they stole our car because they were shouting at us and laughing a lot!!!! It was so bad, we didn’t know what to do. I went to look at another car that was parked in the area, because it was a car like ours, but a different color. And it was so weird, because then I looked inside and the inside was the same as our car!!! So I tried to put the key inside, and it fit and the car opened! It was our car!! But it had a new color!!! This is a photo of what it looked like:

Kind of like brown. It was so strange because we thought it changed color, but it just looked brown at night. We were so happy that AGAIN no one stole our car. It was the second time in just one day!!!

The next day we got up so early and went to drive to the South of the island. We went to McDonald’s for breakfast, but I wanted chicken nuggets but they were only serving breakfast (like “Egg McMuffin”)!! I didn’t like that so I didn’t get it. I stopped at a small restaurant and there I got a breakfast to go that I ate in the car. They had a nice view and nice staff, and really good photos:

Do you know who they are? I didn’t know. 

They also had this funny sign on their Casio cash register. (PS: someone ordered $51 worth of breakfast?)


I saw this poster there. I wish I could have been there for this event (I’m a poet)


We got to South Point. It is the most south point of the whole USA! It was so nice. The water was so blue, I wanted to go inside, but I would have had to jump inside, and I was a bit scared to do that. We saw two boys do it, but my friends didn’t want to do it and that made me scared too.

We found this boy, he wanted to hitchhike. It is really illegal to do that and also dangerous. But we were nice and we took him up the road (it was too far to walk and so hot too, and he was so nice and he had a skateboard). This is him. I don’t remember his name:

(PS: he is doing the famous Hawaiian hand signal called “Shaka" which I also did in a lot of photos. It means: "hang loose" and "relax")

We went to the “Black Sand Beach" then. It really has black sand, and I thought that it would make me dirty and leave black color behind, but it wasn’t like that. It was basically like normal sand but in black (but it was less smooth so it hurt a bit to walk on it).

They had turtles sleeping there:

It always looked like it will rain. I didn’t know which was blacker: the sand or the sky! (Joke, because the sand was blacker for sure)

This was review number one.

16 May 10
Today there was a big marathon race in San Francisco called Bay to Breakers. It is called that way because it starts at the bay, and goes all the way through the city to where the breakers crash onto the beach (that’s like really big waves). 
I saw so many things, and I want to tell you everything about them, and I will do so later. But this is one of the photos I took, it is one of the coolest things I saw today: it’s Bebop from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!! 

Today there was a big marathon race in San Francisco called Bay to Breakers. It is called that way because it starts at the bay, and goes all the way through the city to where the breakers crash onto the beach (that’s like really big waves). 

I saw so many things, and I want to tell you everything about them, and I will do so later. But this is one of the photos I took, it is one of the coolest things I saw today: it’s Bebop from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!! 

12 May 10

I once had an argument with my brother about the intro to the German “Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles” (which is the same as the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” but with “hero”) series. This is what they say:

"Everyone knows the Hero Turtles, super strong Hero Turtles…"

I said not everyone knows the Turtles because I wanted to show my brother that I can disagree with something important that they say on TV. He said everyone knows the Turtles. I said not everyone knows the Turtles, because I wanted to disagree with him. He said everyone in the world knows the Turtles. I said no. He said everyone does. I said not everyone knows the Hero Turtles.

I actually knew he was right.

11 May 10

tv i watched as a kid and now

These are some really good TV shows that used to be on TV when I was a kid that watched an unnatural amount of TV:

1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - One of the best shows that played on TV. It was about 4 turtles that are teenagers and Ninjas. They were normal human teenagers once, but they turned into turtles and started to fight crime. They live in the gutter with Master Splinter who is their teacher in Ninja stuff. They really like to eat pizza and the are in love with April who is a reporter in a yellow suit. She always gets into trouble and is kidnapped by Shredder and his guy who has a brain in his tummy. 

The turtles all have famous names of famous painters: Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael. They all have a different color, a different weapon and a different character. This is a photo of them:

2) Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears -  The Gummi Bears were a really large family or roommates of bears. They were really bouncy and lived inside of a tree. Then they would come out and hunt bad guys and trick them, especially the two big hairy giant guys. There was a pink bear, and a woman bear, and a girl bear, and an old wise bear, and a mid-age wise-guy bear, and a big fat bear. They were the main guys. This is them:

3) Harry and the Hendersons - This was a really good show in the 90s about a family and their big foot. The family is “The Hendersons”, and they are two parents and two kids. Harry is a big foot who lives with them. He looks really real, like a gorilla or big foot, so I am still confused because I think it’s a real big foot. Actually this was a movie first, then it was a TV show. The title song was about Harry who has big feet. The movie is good too.

4) Heathcliff - This was a TV show about a “tabby cat” that looks like Garfield but he has other cats as his friends and he is more “bad” than Garfield. He gets into a lot of trouble all the time. He is in love with one of his friend cats and he likes to eat fish. This is him:

5) Ducktales - This was a TV show from the late 80s about Scrooge duck and his three nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck (in German their names are Tick, Trick und Track). Those are the main ones, and then there are others too. They had a really good intro theme song that I still think about a lot. You can watch it HERE.

6) Inspector Gadget - This was about a secret detective inspector who has a lot of cool gadgets but also always messes up things a lot. Most famous was his hat which had stuff inside so he could fly. There was also a dog and a blonde girl. It had a really catchy intro theme song which is HERE. Later they made it into a stupid movie.

Other good TV shows were: The Pink Panther, Fraggle Rock, Garfield and Friends, Nils Holgersson, Snoopy. And many others, but I can’t write about all now because I have a big paper due tomorrow. 

Also really good show on Austrian TV: Tom Turbo!

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh