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Hi guyz,

I'm a cyber artist and this is my blog. You can look at my blog and see my drawings if you like art. If you are very romantic, you can look at my poems. If you want to know if you like something, you can read my reviews.

You can "ask" me something and I'll tell it to you.

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EVERY poem and drawing and painting and photo and review and quote and idea and joke is by me, except if I say it's from someone.

It's my policy never to read my reviews.

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Super Artwork
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12 February 14

i am so sad because I didn’t update my blog in a very long time. I invented so many poems and inventions and reviews, but I didn’t put them on my blog and now they are gone. But I also have some good art I didn’t put on my blog yet, and now I am putting it on my blog for you. This one is Alf. Alf is a funny alien and I like him because he eats cats, and I don’t like cats very much. Thank you, Alf!!

8 January 11
Man with balancing dog

Man with balancing dog

27 September 10
New bumper sticker I invented. Honk if you’re Hogan 

New bumper sticker I invented. 
Honk if you’re Hogan 

19 August 10
20 June 10
FASHION is so important, guyz.

FASHION is so important, guyz.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh